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I believe we live in a time where we all need to open up, learn, explore, and enrich each other with multiple skills.


My ability to collaborate across several media and creative disciplines enables us to connect and engage across skill-sets, domains, and industries.

What I do 

How I work 

"NOW" people want to understand the subject matter and demand the emotional connection, the feeling of being a part of the story or sharing the journey. When you can fulfill that hunger, only then, the magic happens! 

It can be a spectacular visual or just a hidden message, and you know it is successful when you see peoples' emotional reactions. The moment becomes the memory that turns into a conversation - I call this my Special Box theory. That's why I commit to my process in every project, big or small, fast pace or long haul.  

Engage - Experience - Extent

With over 17 years of expertise in architecture, exhibition, hospitality, retail, and User Experience, with the world's premium global brands Coca-Cola, Nike, Adidas, Nintendo, and Nickelodeon. I am a firm believer in the power of Visual Storytelling to accelerate connections that inspire and elevate every part of our lives. 

There is no doubt that everyone can tell a story, but what makes it stand out is how we present the story to capture attention and engage emotion. Human-Centric Design, Design Thinking, and Visual Storytelling are the key elements of my creative process. 

With classical training in architecture, art, and design, I love pencils and sketches; even in a digital world, those are my power tools to express my imagination, validate design ideas, and activate people in co-creation.

At the same time, I embrace technology, trend, "what's next?”, and even the frontier beyond; that's where I discover passions, excitement, and the world of wonders.

We are never alone in the creative journey. 

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Theo C 


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You can explore some highlight projects that I created with one goal in mind " Creating experiences that  become life-long memories."

Innovation is in my blood, as a Hybrid Creative Thinker - Doer - Leader in digital and physical spaces. Focused on human-centric and design thinking, I have created seamless experiences that connect the physical and digital worlds that we call Phygital experiences.

For the past 17+ years, I lived for the opportunities to deliver game-changing experiences that elevate consumer experiences and deepen brand connections. 

Why I create 

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